focus on exhale

Guided breathwork sessions for individuals and teams to discover the benefits of controlled breathing

  • Understand how breathing works

  • Learn effective techniques

  • Release stress, boost productivity, improve sleep and more


All of us breathe every day. Yet, most of us don’t pay much attention to it. This simple skill of manipulating your breath can be the most powerful and instant in shifting how your body responds to emotional and physical environments.

Anastassia Kravtsenko - Breathwork Coach

Diving deeper into breathing physiology I’ve found myself doing a common mistake → focusing on breathing in the oxygen, exhaling 'the toxic' carbon dioxide. In reality, what our bodies really need, is the balance of respiratory gases. And one of the ways to achieve this, is by focusing on exhale to balance the levels of O2 & CO2.The names of breathing practices might vary from yoga, qigong or Tibetan breathwork, but all techniques share the same goal, teaching us manage our nervous systems and living longer, happier lives.Join me to build your individual practice or organise a workshop for your team. I host weekly morning breathing sessions, corporate wellbeing workshops and team retreats.

one-one sessions

Start your breathing journey with exploring the fundamentals: learn how breathing works, set personal goals and pick the right techniques for daily practices.

team workshops

Reinforce motivation and productivity of your company or team by organising a breathing workshop. In a safe and interactive environment the audience will learn how breathing works and apply simple techniques to improve daily life and wellbeing.Workshops take on average 60-90 min (on-site or online).

  • corporate event | focus on general wellbeing

  • commercial team workshop | focus on public speaking

team retreats

Take your team on a revitalising day retreat or to a remote working base.

  • day retreat | yoga, breathing, wellness, team-building, healthy food

  • multi-day retreat | fully customised



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